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New Horizons

November, 2010: 2010 Thank Offering

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S T R E T C H !

It was Sunday morning, January 3, 1937, when a young seminarian from the recently established Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia stepped into the pulpit of one of the leading congregations in a new denomination that would soon take the name Orthodox Presbyterian Church. It was Christmas break. The professors were out of town. The pastor of the church was on vacation and had enlisted the young ministerial student to fill the pulpit.

But two days earlier, devastating news had arrived from North Dakota: J. Gresham Machen had died. The leader of the new denomination was gone. The driving force for distinguishing between Christianity and theological liberalism had passed from the scene. Sorrow and loss pervaded the atmosphere. What would the young seminarian say to put God's perspective on this cataclysmic event? Read more

Hiking Adventures

What was it that made the backpacking adventures with David and Susan Winslow so popular? Was it the enjoyment of cool bubbling brooks, dark blue lakes, and star-filled skies? Or was it the fun of spending ten days with new friends from different OP churches across the US? Perhaps it was the thrill of climbing 14,000-foot mountains and fishing in untainted waters.

Ask any of the five hundred OPC youth who have participated in these trips over three decades. They will tell you that the leadership of David and Susan Winslow (members of Westminster OPC in Westminster, California) and their generous, Christ-filled hearts truly set these trips apart. Read more

The 2011 OPC Timothy Conference

Philadelphia will be the site of the 2011 OPC Timothy Conference. It will be held March 24–25, just two months prior to the OPC's seventy-fifth anniversary. The Christian Education Committee hopes that the seventy-fifth young man will have passed through the doors of this annual conference at its conclusion. In keeping with this historic time and place in the life of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, as well as American Presbyterianism in general, ruling elder Darryl Hart has been asked to lead the conference attendees on a Presbyterian history tour of the Philadelphia area. Dr. Hart is a noted author on American church history. One of his many books, Seeking a Better Country: 300 Years of American Presbyterianism, which he coauthored with the OPC's church historian, John Muether, will be given to those who attend the conference.

Of course, the OPC Timothy Conference is not primarily about church history. But it is about preserving the Reformed faith of our fathers by passing it from one generation to the next, through the mouths of men called and ordained to the gospel ministry. Wonderful opportunities and daunting challenges await those who are called by our Lord into gospel proclamation in the OPC during the next twenty-five years. Five ministers, representing two generations of OP ministry and all three program committees for Worldwide Outreach, will present to young "Timothys" the challenge of carrying the gospel banner forward to future generations. With their rich experiences in pastoral ministry, foreign missions, home missions, Christian education, and seminary training, Paul Browne, Douglas Clawson, Ross Graham, Danny Olinger, and David VanDrunen have been appointed to paint a full picture of what it will take to be a future minister of the gospel in the OPC. Read more

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