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Ordained Servant Online

A Journal for Church Officers

E-ISSN 1931-7115

Education among the Reformed

Ordained Servant Cover

January 2016

From the Editor. Ordained Servant now enters its twenty-fifth year of publication. Please pray for its continued faithfulness and usefulness to the officers of Christ’s church.

Education has been a hot topic among serious Christians for many decades, especially in light of the secularization of American public schools. Historian Darryl Hart explores the variety of ways that Reformed Christians have approached education outside of the visible church. He brings Abraham Kuyper’s insights from his famous 1898 Princeton lectures, Lectures on Calvinism, to bear on this important topic.

Sherif Gendy brings us another helpful review of a biblical theological theme in Gregory Smith, The Testing of God’s Sons: The Refining of Faith as a Biblical Theme.

Jeffrey Waddington reviews John Fesko’s insightful new book, The Theology of the Westminster Standards: Historical Context and Theological Insights.

Paul Helseth reviews two books by Owen Anderson in the Princeton tradition: Reason and Faith at Early Princeton and Reason and Faith in the Theology of Charles Hodge. Helseth is the author of Right Reason and the Princeton Mind: An Unorthodox Proposal (2010).

On the subject of preaching I review an important new book by Timothy Keller titled Preaching: Communicating Faith in an Age of Skepticism in which he covers some standard homiletical topics from the perspective of reaching the late modern mind.

Finally don’t begin the new year without meditating on Christina Rossetti’s “Old and New Year Ditties 2.”

Blessings in the Lamb,
Gregory Edward Reynolds



Subject Index Vols 1–22

  • “The Past, Present, and Future Work of Christian Education in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.” (Danny E. Olinger) 19 (2010): 46–52.
  • “Education, Natural Law, and the Two Kingdoms” (Gregory Edward Reynolds) 21 (2012): 14–17.

Ordained Servant exists to help encourage, inform, and equip church officers for faithful, effective, and God-glorifying ministry in the visible church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Its primary audience is ministers, elders, and deacons of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, as well as interested officers from other Presbyterian and Reformed churches. Through high-quality editorials, articles, and book reviews we endeavor to stimulate clear thinking and the consistent practice of historic, confessional Presbyterianism.

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