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Ordained Servant Online

A Journal for Church Officers

E-ISSN 1931-7115

God's Profitable Word

Ordained Servant Cover

April 2010

From the Editor. One of the ways that we profit from the Word is by honing our listening skills. The mediated environment in which we live does not tend to suit us to be good listeners. Those of us who preach should be encouraging and instructing listeners in this life-long discipline. This is the theme of the second part of my editorial essay, "Hearing the Word in the Modern World."

Another way that we profit from the Word is by exchanging theological and exegetical ideas in a humble and intelligent way (cf. "The Risk of Serious Debate," Ordained Servant Online, March 2009. That's what the feature "Servant Exchange" is meant to foster. Of course, this doesn't always work in the way the editor intends. But I work hard to let differing voices within our church have their say, as long as it is done irenically and intelligently.

So, this month I include two review articles on a recently published book The Law Is Not of Faith: Essays on Works and Grace in the Mosaic Covenant. Mark Jones and Brian Lee take two different approaches to the topic of republication and thus present different takes on the book. Neither has read the other's review, so in one sense this is not an exchange; it is my attempt to promote respectful and cogent discussion on a topic that is controversial among us. Hence, a new heading, "Servant Perspectives."

Also in this issue are two reviews of two very different books about the Bible as the Word of God. And, don't miss John Updike's marvelous Easter poem. It's worth handing out this Lord's day.

Blessings in the Lamb,
Gregory Edward Reynolds


Ordained Servant exists to help encourage, inform, and equip church officers for faithful, effective, and God glorifying ministry in the visible church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Its primary audience is ministers, elders, and deacons of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, as well as interested officers from other Presbyterian and Reformed churches. Through high quality editorials, articles, and book reviews we endeavor to stimulate clear thinking and the consistent practice of historic Presbyterianism.

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