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Tithing with Debts


My family has been struggling financially. I am self-employed. If my monthly bills (no credit card debt) are more than I make in a month, do I still tithe? Last month I made about $2000. My monthly bills are about $3000. I had to borrow to cover the rest. Do I still tithe the $200 thereby making me short $1200 rather than $1000?


You are in the position that many people are finding themselves today, the money runs out before the month does!

There are some things I need to assume as we talk about your question:

So, start out with some baseline ideas:

Do not go into debt to tithe. We tithe out of what the Lord provides, not out of what we do not have. In his providence God has brought you into this time in your lives, but it can be the best time to grow spiritually as you remember, better than most people do, that ultimately, everything we have comes from God's hand.

I hope that these thoughts give you some encouragement. Talk to your pastor, see what counsel he gives, see if there are ways you could tithe time to help at the church or serve others. Study the Scriptures about giving (there are free resources online through Crown Financial Ministries) and ask the Lord to teach you so that you will look back on this time with thanksgiving over the displays of his loving care.

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