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Alias Use Policy

The OPC website is maintained by the Committee on Christian Education through its Subcommittee on Internet Ministries, which has adopted guidelines for the use of the OPC alias system. The use of the alias list for the dissemination of information of interest and benefit to the entire Church shall be closely monitored for compliance to the following guidelines.

  1. Only the following individuals shall be authorized to send messages through the alias list: the stated clerk of the General Assembly and the senior technical associate.
  2. Notices authorized by any of the denominational standing committees shall be sent through the alias distribution list by submitting them to one of the above.
  3. Death notices and other matters of denominational concern (such as requests for prayer or emergency help) may be sent, upon request, through the office of the stated clerk of the General Assembly.
  4. Local church or private prayer requests, announcements, opinions and promotions cannot be sent, as such requests go beyond the purpose, scope and capabilities of this website.
  5. Messages sent to multiple aliases shall not disclose the names or addresses of recipients (Blind Carbon Copy—"Bcc:"—must be used).
  6. The alias list shall be distributed only to individuals on the list.
  7. Situations where the application of these guidelines is not obvious shall be referred to the Subcommittee on Internet Ministries.

The reason for the above guidelines is that no one likes to receive unwanted email, and the Subcommittee on Internet Ministries holds as a sacred trust its responsibility to be faithful stewards over the OPC website technology. Questions regarding this policy may be sent to the Subcommittee on Internet Ministries.


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