Rev. Dr. Henry Huenemann (1875-1971)

We are happy to bring to you a one-year devotional, Light and Comfort, by the Rev. Dr. Henry Huenemann (1875-1971).

Following is Dr. K.J. Stuebbe's "Foreword" to the book:

One of the greatest perils of the Church has always been the neglect of reading the Word of God and meditating on it. Other books are read, but the Bible is ignored. In the hustle and bustle of our daily life we find no time for the One thing which is so necessary in order to be firmly established in the faith once delivered unto the saints. Daily devotions for the inner family circle are almost entirely omitted. The result is a superficially veneered Christianity, which no longer knows the Rock out of which it was hewn. "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge."

The author of Light and Comfort has long been fully aware of this sad neglect of the Holy Scriptures in so many of our Christian homes. He has, therefore, from time to time written many short biblical meditations for various Church periodicals and calendars. These are now included in this volume. Dr. H. Huenemann is a humble and a thorough student of the sacred Word of Life, and his many years of experience in the Christian ministry make him eminently capable of breaking the Bread of Life to others. His many friends will be happy to welcome the labors of his hands. Light and Comfort contains most excellent meditations and short prayers for every day of the year. The texts are well chosen, and the explanations, though short, as must be expected in such a book, are thoroughly biblical and extol the manifold mercies of our Sovereign God. The devotions are replete with food for a hungry soul. As the title indicates, the author seeks to lead his readers into the Light of God's holy Word, so that the only Comfort in life and in death may be theirs. God grant, that we may all "grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever." 2 Pet. 3:18.

Dr. Huenemann graduated from Hope College (Holland, Michigan) in 1900 and from Western Theological Seminary (also Holland, Michigan) in 1903. He served as pastor of Clay County First Reformed, Everly, Iowa (1903-1910), Second Reformed, Lennox, South Dakota (1910-1925), Forreston Reformed, Forreston, Illinois (1925-1940), and Dell Rapids Reformed, Dell Rapids, South Dakota (1940-1947). He received an honorary doctorate in Divinity in 1927 and wrote numerous articles and a book, Light and Comfort, which we are pleased to make available as a daily devotional here on the OPC Web site.