Trinity Hymnal

Give me thy heart, give me thy heart — Give Me Thy Heart

Original Trinity Hymnal, #723

"Give me thy heart," says the Father above,
No gift so precious to him as our love,
Softly he whispers wherever thou art,
"Gratefully trust me, and give my thy heart."

"Give me thy heart, Give me thy heart,"
Hear the soft whisper, wherever thou art,
From this dark world he would draw thee apart,
Speaking so tenderly, "Give me thy heart."

"Give me thy heart," says the Saviour of men,
Calling in mercy again and again;
"Turn now from sin, and from evil depart,
Will I not succor thee? give me thy heart."

"Give me thy heart," says the Spirit divine,
"All that thou hast, to my keeping resign;
Grace more abounding is mine to impart,
Make full surrender and give me thy heart."

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