August 20, 2012 News

Dayton, Ohio Reformation Conference

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Riots, Revolutions, and the Scottish Covenanters: The Work of Alexander Henderson

Covenant Presbyterian Church in Dayton, Ohio is hosting its annual conference on history and theology. The Rev. Dr. L. Charles Jackson will be speaking on the public career of Alexander Henderson in three presentations:

  1. From Reformation to Revolution: the Scottish Context
  2. Idolatry and Prayer Book Riots of 1637
  3. Covenant Theology and the National Covenant of 1638

The Conference ends with questions and answers.

For more information call Covenant Presbyterian Church at 937-387-6699 or email Mr. Brad Peppo at intern@cpcvandalia.com. See also Covenant’s website at www.cpcvandalia.com.


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