August 04, 2020 News

Midland Flood Response Fund Update

OPC Disaster Response is thankful for the generous donations that have come in to the Midland Flood Response Fund over the last few months. Donations toward this fund have reached $51,704.50. The goal we have set for this fund in order to help to rebuild the home of an OPC family as well other families in need in the community is $100,000. If you are able, please give $5, $10, $15 or any amount to this fund and it will be used to buy supplies to help restore homes and lives affected by the May 19, 2020 Midland flood. Maybe your church could take a special deacons’ offering for the Midland effort, if they haven’t already?

If you would like more information about what’s happening in Midland, please go to our website: https://opcdisasterresponse.org/opportunity/volunteers-needed-to-aid-in-midland-michigan-flooding-area/.

To give, please go to give.opc.org and look for Midland Flood Response.

Thank you.



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