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February 9 News

OPC Disaster Response News

We give thanks to the Lord for 100+ willing volunteers and 200+ generous donors that He provided for the Midland Flood disaster response effort in Michigan! The project is now a wrap! The interiors of the homes of both the Mootses and the Kennedys are officially restored. Words can’t really describe the impact on those involved—both by volunteers and the homeowners. Take a walk through our photos and stories, when you have a chance, and then register to be a volunteer so you too can experience the joy of serving the Lord in this special way!

Tropical Storm Isaias (Leonardtown, MD)
Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic: We still need ~$10,000 in donations designated for the Tropical Storm Isaias effort to complete this project. To date, the fund has received $15,655. Thank you to those who have contributed. The work is focused on the home of OPC member David Bowles and his mother. The plumbing was completed by a professional and work progresses on the bathrooms. Help is needed at the home in various ways. You can find more information about this effort on our site. Able to help? Write to: isaiasvolunteers@opc.org. Able to donate? Go to: https://give.opc.org/diaconal-ministries-detail/isaias-flood-response.

COVID-19 Pandemic Response Fund
The Committee on Diaconal Ministries continues to be concerned about the economic impact of the response to COVID by various governments around the world. It seems the impact may be far from over. As such, while thankful for the $76,712 received in the OPC COVID-19 Fund, the CDM encourages continued giving toward this fund.

To date, the following disbursements, all international and totaling $43,695, have been made:

  • Bolivia (BPC) – $500
  • China – $1,000
  • Ethiopia (ERPC) – $1,500
  • Haiti (Adoration Christian School via Word & Deed) – $1,500
  • Haiti (OPHM) – $8,070
  • India (RPCNEI via Word & Deed) – $5,000
  • Kenya (AEPC) – $2,000 + $7,500 + $13,625
  • Peru (EPCP) – $1,500
  • Uganda (OPUM) – $500
  • Uruguay (OPCUM) – $1,000

This has been a wonderful occasion for the OPC to show brotherly love to sister churches around the world.

If you would like to contribute, please go to COVID-19 Pandemic Response Fund. If you have any additional questions, please contact us: opcdisasterresponse@opc.org.

To find out more about OPC Disaster Response, please visit our website: OPCDisasterResponse.org.



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