New Horizons

Helps for Worship #5: Preparing for Worship (Part 2)

William Shishko

"Be still, and know that I am God." (Ps. 46:10)

After six days in overdrive, it is difficult to slow down, change gears, and get our souls to the proper speed for the worship of God. Even with the best preparation for the Sabbath day, the world and its concerns stick to us as we gather on Sunday.

Corporate worship of the eternal God is the most important activity of our week, but we come to it caught up with the trivial things of our passing lives and a passing age.

Our remaining indwelling sin, together with the power of a very active devil—see Mark 4:15—works powerfully, and we find it hard to turn our attention to the surpassing greatness and goodness of the everlasting God.

Use the minutes prior to worship to "be still" and prepare to give God praise that comes from an undivided heart. Here are some practical suggestions:

For Reflection

  1. What distractions before worship make it difficult to be well prepared to give God glory in corporate worship?
  2. How can the time before the service best be used to make the worship time most profitable for everyone?
  3. How might you be hindering others from "being still" before worship?

The author is pastor of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, Franklin Square, New York. Reprinted from New Horizons, February 2006. First article in series. Next article. Index.

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