Position Available: Executive Director of Great Commission Publications

The board of Trustees of Great Commission Publications (GCP) is seeking a candidate, preferably ordained or ordainable in The Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) or the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), to be its next Executive Director. A successful candidate should have experience in publishing and education and will possess a demonstrated ability in administration and personnel management. Compensation will be competitive based on the experience of the candidate.

Great Commission Publications is the joint publishing arm of The Orthodox Presbyterian Church and the Presbyterian Church in America, overseen by The OPC’s Committee on Christian Education and the PCA’s Committee on Discipleship Ministries. GCP produces a graded, biblically faithful Sunday school curriculum, adult Bible studies, Trinity Hymnal (both original and revised), and other materials to further Christian education and worship.

For more information, please read the executive director “Job Description 2023” and the “List of Professional and Personal Qualities.”

If you wish to apply for this position, please contact the secretary of the Board of Great Commission Publications, Archibald Allison, at Allison.1@opc.org.

The deadline for applications for this position is June 30, 2023.

MOBI Format for Ordained Servant and New Horizons Canceled

Since January 2012 the OPC Committee on Christian Education has offered its online magazines New Horizons and Ordained Servant in EPUB and MOBI editions (for E-book readers), as well as HTML and PDF. E-books were easier to read on small screens, such as cell phones. But in recent years, developments in coding have made HTML content display just fine on most small screens, making the E-book editions redundant.

Because of the proprietary nature of the MOBI format, and consequent problems creating and accessing MOBI files, the CCE Subcommittee on Internet Ministries has made the decision to drop the MOBI editions of New Horizons and Ordained Servant. The HTML, PDF and EPUB editions will still be posted. Previously-posted MOBI editions will still be available.

Beginning July 1, 2023, OPC.org will no longer produce MOBI editions of New Horizons and Ordained Servant. Thank you for understanding.

In Christ,
Stephen Pribble, senior technical associate

Ordained Servant Online, June/July, 2023.

Publication Information

Contact the Editor: Gregory Edward Reynolds

Editorial address: Dr. Gregory Edward Reynolds,
827 Chestnut St.
Manchester, NH 03104-2522
Telephone: 603-668-3069

Electronic mail: reynolds.1@opc.org

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Editorial Policies

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Ordained Servant: June–July 2023


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