December 02, 2007 Book Review

Through the Year With William Still

Through the Year With William Still

David Searle

Reviewed by: Arthur J. Fox

Through the Year with William Still, edited by David Searle. Published by Banner of Truth, 2006. Hardback, 371 pages, list price $26.00. Reviewed by OP pastor Arthur J. Fox.

William Still was the pastor of Gilcomston South Church in Aberdeen, Scotland, for nearly fifty-two years. He could remain in that pulpit for so long, according to Sinclair Ferguson, because he "seemed to live in the Bible." Still preached the Bible, the whole counsel of God, straight through, several times in the course of his ministry. In addition, he wrote notes on every chapter of Scripture, and published them, for the benefit of his congregation.

The editor of this book, David Searle, has culled from Still's notes a series of 365 daily readings on selected chapters of every book of the Bible. In addition, there are five additional readings for special occasions. These are brief expositions and applications of Scripture, not William Still's opinions or devotional thoughts. This is powerful stuff for the soul.

Take for example this portion of his notes on Judges 3:9-11: "The whole tendency of faith is towards victory over evil; the will to fight persists, and in the end triumphs over the most depressing envelopment in evil. God is on the side of the dispersal and defeat of evil, even when he has allowed it to envelop his people for their sins" (pp. 72-73).

The whole book is filled with biblical truth and its application. You may have used other devotional books before, but none like this one! It is like having Mr. Still for a personal pastor in your devotions. You will come away from a year of his guidance through passages of Scripture well fed and moved to greater devotion to Christ.

Yes, it is late in the year for starting such a book of daily readings. But if you are not currently using one, try going Through the year with William Still. It may well be one of the best years you have ever spent devotionally.



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