February 22, 2015 Book Review

Logos 5.2a (the Reformed Platinum package)

Logos 5.2a (the Reformed Platinum package)

Logos Bible Software

Reviewed by: Shane Lems

Logos 5.2a (the Reformed Platinum package), by 580 authors (1624–2013). Logos Bible Software. DVD for PC and Mac. List price $2,149.95. Reviewed by OP Pastor Shane Lems.

Several months ago, I didn't know anything about Logos Bible Software. I had been using the basic BibleWorks 6 package since 2004 for my studies. So when the Logos team contacted me to review the Reformed Platinum package (see www.logos.com/reformed), I was happy to try it out.

Logos offers many different Bible software packages—from basic packages to extensive packages that include many books, lexicons, Bible dictionaries, and much, much more. Scores of e-books from various traditions are also available in various packages or can be purchased separately. I recommend visiting the website (www.logos.com) to view the different packages and books available. The amount of materials available is absolutely staggering! The Platinum package I received includes Bavinck's Dogmatics, Vos's Dogmatics, Thomas Boston's Works, Muller's Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics, many of Berkhof's writings, Calvin's commentaries, the Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers set, TDNT, and hundreds of other resources (including many that I probably won't use).

If a person is familiar with other Bible software, it will not be overly difficult to learn the basic aspects of Logos. The home screen is highly customizable; I use four different panels (one for Scripture, one for lexicons/dictionaries, one for TSK, and one for study resources). There is also a powerful search engine for searching the Bible as well as any and every Logos e-book in one's library. I use the free Android app on my tablet (there is also an iOS app). Also worth mentioning is the online version of Logos (biblia.com), which syncs to the software and app.

There are many videos, articles, and discussion forums online that help one learn more about using the software. If one asks, "Can Logos do this or that?" the answer is most likely "Yes," but it will take some effort and experimenting to get it done. To get the most out of Logos software, I recommend taking several days to watch the videos, read the tutorials, and spend time working in it.

One aspect of Logos that might make one pause is the price of the software and resources. Basic packages are inexpensive, but larger packages are expensive, and some of the e-books are pricey. Logos does have deals and even payment plans. Everyone is different, but I do not like reading books on a screen, so there are many books in this package that I will not read. On the positive side, this package could be a great blessing for those on the mission field who cannot carry their libraries around. Perhaps churches should consider getting this Logos Reformed package as a gift for missionaries.

Logos Reformed Bible software is a powerful tool for biblical and theological studies. Used rightly, it will help Bible students for years to come. It is impossible to explain all the benefits of Logos in a single review, so I recommend exploring the Logos website to learn more about it. (Note: Readers of New Horizons can use coupon code "READERS20" for a 15 percent discount on Reformed packages.)



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