June 11, 2006 Book Review

Saved from What? and When Worlds Collide

Saved from What? and When Worlds Collide

R. C. Sproul

Reviewed by: Larry Wilson

Saved from What? by R. C. Sproul. Published by Crossway, 2002. Hardcover, 128 pages, list price $14.99. When Worlds Collide, by R. C. Sproul. Published by Crossway, 2002. Hardcover, 96 pages. List price $14.99. Reviewed by editor Larry Wilson.

Sometimes a Christian will seek to initiate a gospel presentation by asking, "Are you saved?" The logical response is, "Saved from what?" However, too many Christians can't give that question a full, scriptural answer. In Saved from What? R. C. Sproul explains the basic gospel from God's Word, addressing three questions: (1) Saved from what? (2) Saved by what? (3) Saved for what? He shows how each question has the same answer: the living God himself!

Only when we truly grasp who God is and what he is like, and who we are and what we are like, do we begin to understand the nature and gravity of the gospel.

A second book by Sproul, When Worlds Collide, hones in on this question: when there is war and destruction - such as 9/11 and the war on terrorism - where is God and how does it all fit together? Sproul makes it clear that the God of the Bible is always there. But he insists that we had better understand what kind of God he is. He is ultimate, sovereign, holy, and gracious. Such a God both blesses and curses. And he does so both temporally and eternally. This book powerfully applies sound doctrine to questions that many are asking in our day. In a sense, When Worlds Collide is a superb specimen of an evangelistic sermon.

In both of these books, Sproul draws on the clarity, scope, and God-centeredness of the Reformed faith in order to plainly and compellingly communicate the gospel of God from Scripture. Each of these books is attractive, having the appearance of a nice gift book. Each has a good general index and a Scripture index. Both have a pleasing style. Each can be read within a short time. Each can be a great resource: either to equip believers in foundational truths or to give to unbelievers as a gospel presentation.



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