July 03, 2022 Book Review

The Acrostic of God: A Rhyming Theology for Kids

The Acrostic of God: A Rhyming Theology for Kids

Jonathan Gibson and Timothy Brindle

Reviewed by: Isaiah Rose

The Acrostic of God: A Rhyming Theology for Kids, by Jonathan Gibson and Timothy Brindle. New Growth Press, 2021. Hardcover, 64 pagers, $13.37 (Amazon). Reviewed by OP member Isaiah Rose, age 13.

In The Acrostic of God, Jonathan Gibson and Timothy Brindle give children an alphabetical list of the titles and attributes of God written with a rhyming beat. God is described accurately and elaborately according to what the Bible teaches. It is easy to find the rhythm of each acrostic and say it out loud. I like the illustrations; they are very rich in color and really help the message of the words. Also, the Scripture references on each page are a smart thing to add because we can use those verses to verify what The Acrostic of God says for ourselves. I like how there is a QR code to scan for an audio version of the book. The rap is very easy to follow along to because it is slow, and Timothy Brindle speaks clearly. Some of the words are a bit complicated. This book is intended for those aged 5–11. Younger children in that range might be a bit confused by words like “abhor” and “succumb.” But maybe this provides another learning opportunity.

This book seems like it would be easy to memorize, with its rhythm and rhyme. Is it meant to be read all at once or one letter at a time, like a devotional? I like how this book makes it easy for everyone to understand what is possible to understand about God. Also, the prologue introduces the style of the book well by getting the reader used to the rhythm.

Let’s read The Acrostic of God together

to help you to make him your awesome treasure.

We’ll read it, rap it, or sing it—it’s fun!

Till Jesus comes back and his kingdom has come . . .

He’s the Alpha and Omega, from A to Z;

his beauty and his glory we were made to see.

The closing refrain wraps up the book well by basically stating: You know who God is now, and why he deserves your praise; now get out there and praise him! Overall, I think this book was great, and that it is well worth reading more than once. I would definitely recommend this book to a friend.



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