STM Report: English for Kids (St-Georges, Quebec)

Olivia Durham


(by Olivia Durham, Covenant OPC, Barre, VT, who led a team that presented an English for Kids Bible Camp in St-Georges de Beauce, Quebec, sponsored by St-Marc’s Reformed Church in Quebec City, where OP Missionary Rev. Ben Westerveld is the Pastor.)

Thanks for your prayers for the camp in Quebec last week. All team members are home and I’m thankful to report that our young man who was in the hospital is home and mending nicely. Thanks to the Lord for preserving us all, every day!

In particular I was very thankful for a good arrangement for our last day, which is often very hectic. The staff worked very well and the long day of keeping the children through till supper was passed cheerfully, with an after noon at a large local park where we could do activities and crafts, swim, hike, and return home just in time for singing, supper, and the parent program.

The parents were very thankful and enthusiastic about the program. Some even asked about if it could be extended to two weeks! However, I would ask you to pray that these families, instead of hungering for the fun and learning of camp, would hunger for the Spirit that moves the hosts of the program to invite the little children in. In St Georges, the English camp is a wonderful week of fellowship and service for the American and French teams, and growth for the teens learning to lead and work together. The church puts a strong effort into all the details of the building and hosting of the team and the children, and prayer for all involved. The work of the church, however, is to feed the souls of the sheep. May God use the prayer and hospitality to build his kingdom along with all other efforts of evangelism, shepherding and teaching that occur in that small and faithful church throughout the year.

PHOTO: A cute camper in Quebec!

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