STM Report: Team Utah 2016

Janet Birkmann


Teams from two OP churches in Michigan and California came together to form “Team Utah” this summer! Our OP church in Magna, Utah - Christ Presbyterian Church, where Pastor Jason Wallace has an effective outreach to Mormons - was looking for help with various indoor and outdoor refurbishment projects, and Team Utah responded to the call! Team members from Cedar OPC (Hudsonville, MI) were led by Pastor Steve Igo, and those from Faith OPC (Long Beach, CA), were led by Courtney Habeggar. Pastor Igo provided us with updates along the way!


“SUNDAY: Team Utah enjoyed a wonderful time at Christ Presbyterian Church in worship, a Sunday School class on Mormonism, and a fine fellowship meal. Followed by a fascinating tour of the Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City. Tomorrow our work begins! Dry-walling three Sunday School rooms and the pastor’s office! Please keep us in your prayers . . .”

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PHOTO: Team Utah touring the local sites

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