STM Report: VBS Outreach in Uruguay

Markus Jeromin


(Rev. Markus Jeromin, currently serving with the OP Mission in Uruguay, led a VBS outreach at the new OP church plant in La Blanqueada, Uruguay, July 5-7, 2016). Thank you for your prayers for our new church plant’s first VBS outreach! This winter’s outreach was a great learning experience for us and also provided a great time of fellowship and encouragement. A team of 9 North Americans, 7 from a single congregation in the central US, one from Texas, and one from Ontario, traveled to Uruguay to join us for this outreach project.

Two of our bilingual North American helpers were able to stay past the end of the 3-day VBS and were a tremendous help, both to the missionary families and to our outreach efforts. Close to a dozen gospel presentations were made during a Saturday afternoon blitz of questionnaire evangelism at a large local park, and they were able to meet and witness to many of Markus and Sharon’s neighborhood friends and shopkeepers.

Click here to read the full report and see the photos that accompanied it.

PHOTO: VBS in Uruguay

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