Testimonial: You Will Never Regret Doing Our Lord's Work On Earth

Gwen Waggoner


(Gwen Waggoner of Calvin OPC in Phoenix, AZ, was a member of "Team Praha" and served in the Czech Republic for 3 weeks in July/August 2016.) There are so many facets to a mission trip. I am super grateful to the Lord that I had the opportunity to go to the Czech Republic this summer, and I am excited to be able to share a little bit about it.

My older siblings had all been on mission trips and came back with stories about their teammates, the missionaries, and the families they served. I was incredibly excited when I was accepted to Team Praha. I started talking with my team, got my assignment, and preparations began.

As we got closer to leaving, I became more nervous. That blind-sided me a little bit. I think I felt like I had a legacy to live up to, plus, I was the youngest member of the team.

Our departure was a little rough with a day-long delay in New York. We landed a day late, but thanks to the hard work of my teammates Rachel, Scott, and Eli, we were able to jump right in. With the exception of a couple of days of sightseeing, the next three weeks were non-stop action . . .


I have come away so blessed by my teammates – people I love and have grown close to. Being able to encourage and touch the lives of the Czechs was an honor and it is humbling when they hug you and don’t want you to leave. It is very eye-opening to realize that God uses you to spread His word. The friendships you will make will last forever and be so incredibly precious.

You will never regret doing our Lord’s work on earth. I certainly don’t. He will bless you abundantly in that work, and He will use you to bless others.

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PHOTO: Gwen in Prague, Czech Republic

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