STM Report: Ministry Teams at the Boardwalk Chapel

Janet Birkmann


A Ministry Team is a church group that comes to the OPC’s Boardwalk Chapel in Wildwood, New Jersey, to serve for a week at a time, from Saturday to Saturday, between mid-June and early September.

A Ministry Team participates in or assists the Full Time Volunteer Staff in carrying out the main activities of the Chapel which include:, training in evangelism and apologetics, engaging in evangelism on the boardwalk, distributing tracts and booklets. providing free Bibles and books, presenting the gospel through nightly programs, conducting follow-up discipleship and Bible studies when possible.

A Ministry Team does not have to be from an OP church but must adhere to the Chapel’s “Statement of Faith;" must be accompanied by an adult team leader; may be accompanied by a minister from their church who can serve as Minister for that week at the Chapel; can be of variable group size and age range; can indicate on their application form their preferred week and their particular interests and abilities; may be able to serve for a shorter length of time, if necessary; pays a fee to the Chapel (see application form).

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