Photo Gallery: Jubilee at English for Kids

Janet Birkmann


This was the first year that a team from Jubilee Presbyterian Church of Norristown, PA (a congregation of the Korean American Presbyterian Church) led a week of “English for Kids” Bible Camp in Quebec City!

Rev. Ben Westerveld, OP Missionary and Pastor of St-Marc’s Reformed Church which sponsors the camp, reported that the team did a wonderful job exploring the theme of God’s love according to the epistle to the Church in Rome.

The photos in gallery linked below, shared with us by Calvin Lee from Jubilee, show the team teaching, playing, doing crafts, singing, putting on skits, taking photos with the kids . . . all in a day’s work at “English for Kids!”

Click here to see the Jubilee Photo Gallery.

Visit www.opcstm.org for more photos and testimonials from those who have served as short-term missionaries in the OPC!


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