Testimonial: No Experience Required

Kelsey Veldheer


by Kelsey Veldheer, Branch of Hope OPC, Torrance, CA. Kelsey was a member of Team Utah which traveled to Christ OPC in Magna, Utah, to help with church refurbishment projects and local evangelism.

This summer I had the opportunity to go to Magna, Utah, for a short-term mission trip where I was part of a construction team. Before this trip, I had no experience with construction work, and it was my first time on a mission trip.

I learned how much work it is to prep a room for painting, including filling holes in the walls, and – every painter’s favorite part – clean up. I really appreciated how patient the experienced team members were with teaching me what I needed to know.

We visited the Mormon Temple Square with Pastor Jason Wallace (Christ OPC, Magna, UT), who showed us around and taught us about the Mormon religion.

One day we went to downtown Salt Lake City and handed out cards that gave a link to Pastor Wallace’s video: “The Truth Will Make You Free: An Earnest Plea to Latter-Day Saints.”

On this trip, I got to know the other team members better, I learned more about the Mormon religion, and I also learned how to paint. This trip was something I was nervous about because I felt like I didn’t have enough experience, but I was blessed with an amazing team who patiently taught me everything I needed to know. I am thankful I was able to go on this trip. I would like to do more mission trips in the future.

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