Testimonial: Rest on God's Sovereignty

Lisa Hodil


by Lisa Hodil, Lake Sherwood OPC, Orlando, FL.

My short-term mission trip to Key West this past summer was a really fun, growing experience. Every part of the trip was valuable to me: getting to know my teammates Ethan, David, and Andy better, learning from Pastor Bill Welzien’s rich evangelism experience every morning, exploring Key West, speaking to believers and unbelievers alike about Christ, and witnessing some of the mission work that Pastor Welzien does out at Mallory Square. It was really encouraging to see with my own eyes the faithfulness of one of our home missionaries in proclaiming God’s word to the world around him.

Even when it can sometimes be discouraging to talk to unbelievers about our faith, and it seems like no one is going to believe us, Pastor Welzien encouraged us to rest on God’s sovereignty in all things, including our witnessing. I’ve always felt like I’ve had particular trouble with speaking boldly about my faith to my friends, coworkers, and family, but the evangelism training my team and I received in Key West inspired me to be “bold and courageous,” and to have peace in my heart knowing that the God who is the God of my life is also the God of the lives of the people I’m witnessing to.

After having taken this trip, I feel more prepared to go out and share the gospel in my everyday life. Thank you to everyone who is involved in making these short-term mission trips possible, and thank you to all of our missionaries (at home and abroad) who have given their lives to the spread of the gospel.

PHOTO: Team from Lake Sherwood in Key West

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