STM Report: Peach Festival 2017

Timothy Hsu


by Timothy Hsu, Boardwalk Chapel Evangelism Coordinator; Chinese Bible Church, Rockville, MD

[For a few years now, the staff at the Boardwalk Chapel has been attending the “Old Tyme Peach Festival” in Middletown, Delaware, where they have joined Pastor Bob Harding and the members of Grace OPC in community outreach during this popular annual event!]

On August 19, 2017, the Lord granted us a day of beautiful weather for the annual Old Tyme Peach Festival in Middletown, Delaware.

Grace OPC (Middletown, DE) provided us with two tents and sound equipment, and we used the instruments we’d brought from the Chapel to play music for most of the day. (Interestingly, we weren’t the only ones there that day for ministry and outreach – we heard a tent on the other side of the street also playing live worship music in the afternoon!)

We made one of our tents a station for tracts and biblical literature, and a spot to make gospel bracelets. A lot of kids stopped by in the morning, and several grandparents in the afternoon wanting bracelets for their grandkids – all of them left having heard the gospel explained and a bracelet that told the story in colored beads. Our friend JP Sank also brought his “toy zone” table, covered with free toys and games and opening several opportunities for gospel conversations with parents as their kids played.

We ended the day by sharing a meal with our friends from Grace OPC before heading out. As we drove back to Wildwood, we spent some time praising God for the fruitful conversations we’d shared in and praying for the people we’d talked to. We drove to and from Middletown safely and without a problem.

Thank you so much to Grace OPC for hosting us, for the space and equipment you supplied, and for the lunch and water you kindly provided. Thank you to our friends from Emmanuel OPC (Wilmington, DE), who came and helped us with music at the end of the day, and to JP, whose toy table opened several good conversations throughout the day. And most of all, thanks be to God for the good day we shared together and the fruitful conversations He gave us!

PHOTO: Old Tyme Peach Festival, Middletown, DE

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