Testimonial: Special Friends

Hannah Knight


by Hannah Knight, Covenant OPC, Tucson, AZ

English Camp 2017 was such an amazing opportunity to share the gospel with the people of the Czech Republic!

My class was the 7-9 year olds, and they were the best class ever! The kids were very easy to teach, attentive during the lessons, and actually asked some really good questions.

A special opportunity for me was the chance to build a friendship with my translator, Karolína. Karolina, is the fourteen-year-old daughter of Petra, a lady who became a Christian several years ago through the English Camp. As of right now, Karolína is not yet a believer, but she is very interested and asking lots of questions. I pray that the Lord will keep drawing her to himself.

I also made special friends with Monika (10) and Erika (8). Although I did not talk about the gospel with these girls except in class, I was able to spend time with them on the ropes course and at the sweets shop up the hill from the hotel, and I am hoping that at future English Camps, I may have the opportunity to share more about my faith with them.

Two other girls that I grew close to were Eliška (17) and Leona. (15). Although these girls are somewhat typical teenagers, I was able to really connect with them and spend time with them, even going shopping with them in Prague after the camp. I am praying that God will use our friendship to show them the vanity of the things of this world and the immeasurable riches of the free gift of salvation in Jesus Christ.

Lastly, another dear girl close to my heart is Justyna, a sweet, shy girl of about 14 or 15. Justyna came on the hiking trip (Team Praha) last year, and became a Christian. She is from a Catholic background and still goes to a Catholic church with her family most of the time, and she has much to learn about the Christian faith. Please pray that Justyna would continue to grow strong in her faith.

All in all, English Camp 2017 was a great success! The team worked so well together, always encouraging each other and looking for ways to help each other. The Lord blessed the English camp exceedingly abundantly and I pray that he will water and grow the many seeds that were planted that week, and that those seeds may grow into an abundant harvest for His glory!

PHOTO: Hannah (left) with teammates on the way to English Camp

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