Overview of STM Opportunities in the OPC

Janet Birkmann


It's never too soon to start thinking about summer short-term missions! Below, please find a list of short-term missions opportunities in the OPC. Scroll down for a link to OPCSTM.org where a brief overview, contact information, and links to further details are provided for each opportunity. Another option is to serve as a hurricane relief volunteer in Texas, Florida, or Puerto Rico. Visit OPCDisasterResponse.org for further information about hurricane relief.

Summer Short-Term Missions Opportunities:


English House for University Students, Asia

English Camp for Families, Czech Republic

Team Praha, Czech Republic

Team Haiti, La Gonâve, Haiti

English for Kids Bible Camp, Quebec City

English for Kids Bible Camp, St-Georges de Beauce, Quebec

English for Teens Bible Camping Trip, Quebec

English Camp for University Students, L’viv, Ukraine

English Club, Montevideo, Uruguay


Bring Your Team to Naples, Florida

Boardwalk Chapel, Wildwood, New Jersey

Bring Your Team to San Antonio, Texas

Team Utah, Magna, Utah

Venture Missions, Zoar, Wisconsin

Year-Round Short-Term Missions Opportunities:


Teaching English to University Students, Asia

English Café, Quebec City

Teaching ESL to Missionary Trainees, South Korea

VBS, Montevideo, Uruguay

OP Uganda Mission


Spring and Fall – Boardwalk Chapel, Wildwood, New Jersey

Evangelism Training, Key West, Florida

Spring Break – Bring Your Team to Naples, Florida

Church Refurbishment, Neon, Kentucky

Hurricane Relief in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico


Link to further details on each STM opportunity (with Printable PDF).

PHOTO COLLAGE: Center: Boardwalk Chapel; Top left: English Camp, Czech Republic; Top right: Team Haiti; Bottom left: English for Kids Bible Camp, Quebec; Bottom right: Team Utah.

Visit www.opcstm.org to learn more about short-term missions and disaster response in the OPC!


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