Photo Gallery: Boardwalk Chapel 2014

Janet Birkmann


How about taking a day trip to Wildwood, New Jersey, to visit the OPC’s Boardwalk Chapel this summer? Wildwood is within easy driving distance of many of our churches, and there is a big parking lot right behind the Chapel! Come and enjoy an afternoon on the beach or boardwalk, and then attend the evening program at the Chapel and encourage the very talented and dedicated young Summer Staff members, as well as the Ministers and Ministry Teams that come from various OP churches to help out each week!

This ministry of the OPC is in its 70th consecutive year of operation! Learn all about the Chapel at their website and Facebook page!

Click here for a PHOTO GALLERY of Boardwalk Chapel 2014 posted at the OPC Short-Term Missions website.

PHOTO: Summer Staffer Isaiah English at the entrance to the Boardwalk Chapel

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