Testimonial: An Encouraging and Enriching Week

Youth Group Members


Pastors Clark Brooking and Tim Flora of Living Hope OPC (Clarksville, MD), and Pastor Charles Biggs of Ketoctin OPC (Purcellville, VA), escorted 19 members of their respective Youth Groups to serve together as a Ministry Team for a week at the Boardwalk Chapel in Wildwood, NJ, this summer!

Some of the young people provided the following testimonials about their experience at the Chapel:

Luis Carrillo (Living Hope):

Serving at the chapel for me was learning how to evangelize and learning about the Holy Spirit. I also learned more about who really Jesus is. God impacted my life because it changed the way I thought. Before I acted more self centered and did what I wanted to do but now I think about what God wants me to do. What got me to that point, is the devotions that planted the scripture in my heart. Another thing I learned was, reading the Bible is great but doing the actions of what the Bible says and actually meaning it is the next step.

Calla Flora (Living Hope):

I was very thankful to be able to go on my very first missions trip. It was especially exciting to be able to go with my dad and older sister Anna. I was nervous, but God helped me push through my fears in praying aloud, talking with people, and performing on stage. I felt very encouraged to see God work in me, the other team members, and people on the boardwalk.

Anna Flora (Living Hope):

I had a challenging, but encouraging and enriching week at the Boardwalk Chapel. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to grow in my faith, learn more about God, and serve alongside a great team. I praise God for giving us the exact week He knew our team needed and for the work He is doing in our hearts and, Lord willing, in the hearts of those we met and talked to in New Jersey.

Benjamin Winstead (Living Hope):

I realized how much prayer actually works and how I need to do it more. Also the series of devotions about the Holy Spirit were very interesting and taught me a lot about Him.

Naomi Tack (Living Hope):

God taught me so much about prayer and how to love. He has blessed me by giving me the opportunity to go and share His words of life. Yet he still convicted me and taught me so much about Himself. Praise the Lord, for He is mighty to be praised!

Daniel Weitz (Ketoctin):

I was really encouraged by Pastor Biggs’ devotions on the Holy Spirit, especially by his day on the spirit of prayer and boldness. Prayer is a very powerful tool that we have but we don’t use it enough. Whatever we ask for in Jesus’ name, God will grant. We are also called to be bold in our Christian faith. Jesus commands us to go out and make disciples. We must be bold in proclaiming the gospel. I really enjoyed my time there and I was definitely strengthened and encouraged. I really hope I can come next year!

PHOTO: Boardwalk Chapel Ministry Team from Living Hope and Ketoctin

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