Deadline March 10 to Join Team Haiti

Janet Birkmann


Saturday, March 10, 2018, is the deadline to apply to join Team Haiti, which will travel to Haiti from June 23 to July 5, 2018, to help OP missionaries Ben and Heather Hopp present VBS programs based on Reformed catechetical instruction in the Creole language with the assistance of local translators.

The team is organized by the Youth Committee of the Presbytery of Southern California.

Here are a few comments from previous Team Haiti reports:

  • “Our VBS programs are not only about reaching children with the gospel but about making relationships.”
  • “One of the privileges that short-term teams have in coming to Haiti is worshipping with the Haitian believers.”
  • “The kids were happy, they could not take the grin off their faces. It made me really happy, it could not have been any better.”
  • “From being inspired by the Hopp family’s fruitful work to enjoying precious fellowship with my teammates, I will always treasure those experiences.”

From the 2018 Team Haiti Brochure:

Team members will fly to Fort Lauderdale on June 23 and spend time together before heading to Haiti. They will worship at Holy Trinity OPC on June 24 before flying to the capital of Port-au-Prince on June 25. The next day the team will accompany the Hopps to the island of Lagonav, off the coast of Haiti, where the OPC is actively working with a number of churches. After setting up base at the OPC’s “Guest House,” the team will conduct mini VBS programs with three churches. The teaching program is based on Reformed catechetical instruction in the Creole language with the assistance of translators. Rev. Hopp believes that the spread of the gospel in Haiti will be more effective if it is also taught to the rising generation. Thus it is our prayer that the work of TEAM HAITI will be vital to the ministry of our missionaries in Haiti. The team will also have the opportunity to assist in various other work projects.

Brochure and Application Form:

Click here to find the 2018 Team Haiti Brochure and Application Form.

Previous Team Haiti Photos and Testimonials:

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