S.T.O.R.M. Report: Summer STMs for Church Groups

Janet Birkmann


Serve the LORD with gladness! (Psalm 100:2) There's still time to make those plans for your church group to go on a short-term missions (STM) trip this summer! Please consider all the remaining opportunities for the summer, starting with those that are ideal for church groups:

  • They're right here in the USA!
  • They're in interesting, summery locales that are easy to get to!
  • There's much to do in terms of service and outreach!
  • There's much to learn from your hosts at the Boardwalk Chapel, in Texas, and in Florida!

Boardwalk Chapel: Openings for Church Groups (“Ministry Teams”): Aug. 11-18 and Aug. 18-25

Service and Outreach Week with OP Church Plant in San Antonio, TX: Summer 2018

Service and Outreach Week with OP Church in Naples, FL: Summer 2018

Evangelism Training with OPC Pastor Bill Welzien in Key West, FL: Summer 2018

Read the current S.T.O.R.M. Report Vol. 7 No. 6 May 30, 2018: Summer STMs for Church Groups

Visit www.opcstm.org to find ALL opportunities for short-term service in the OPC!

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