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Janet Birkmann


As summer draws near....and STM options are being considered, teams are being gathered, and trips are being prepared for...it can be really helpful and encouraging to hear from those who’ve gone before. For example, the two most frequent responses to the 2018 STM survey question:

"What could you have done to better prepare for your short-term missions trip":

  • "More prayer".....50% of respondents
  • "More Bible study".....40% of respondents

Prayer and Bible study were also described as a benefit of short-term missions in response to the question:

"What is one way you grew as a Christian during your STM trip?"

I prayed a lot more on the trip than I normally do in the USA, because my need for and dependence on God was more apparent in Haiti.

I depended on the Lord in prayer heavily through the week.

I learned a better, more focused, way to pray.

I learned the value of spending time in God's word daily, something I always knew but never really saw fleshed out.

I learned to pray in groups, and for long periods of time.

I grew in my understanding of God's Law and application to my heart.

The culture of prayer at the Boardwalk Chapel really helped me see in new ways how truly dependent we are on God.

I have grown in my love of prayer and study of God's word.

I grew in prayer, and I am happy to say I pray more than ever.

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