OPC Disaster Response Insider Post (DRIP)

Trish Duggan


The OPC Disaster Response office recently developed a new "insider" newsletter! The newsletter is delivered to those who have expressed interest in serving by signing up for the OPC Disaster Response registry by going to www.opcdisasterresponse.org.

Through this quarterly newsletter, registrants will now be first to know of opportunities for service, when they arise. They will be given the first choice of deciding when service best fits into your calendar. Although we are not currently working in response to any disasters, we seek to be ready when the time comes!

Over the past ten years the OPC Disaster Response office has coordinated aid efforts to many different disaster locations, ministering both physically and spiritually. Our mission: help churches and mission fields find individuals and teams to assist them with short-term ministry projects; find opportunities that meet the gifts and expectations of those who wish to serve on a short-term basis; mobilize the church to respond to disasters; encourage the church to grow in service.

Consider showing your interest in serving the Lord in this way by registering at opcdisasterresponse.org/volunteer-registry/.

Check out our site for photos of past opportunities, testimonials from those who have served, our official Disaster Response video, opportunities for service and a list of frequently asked questions. Go to: opcdisasterresponse.org or e-mail us: opcdisasterresponse@opc.org.


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