Going Local for Short-Term Missions

Trish Duggan


Fun (and evangelizing) in the sun? It almost seems impossible with all that’s going on these days, but it may still be. This year is certainly different for OPC Short-Term Missions. We may be down, but we’re not out.

If you were thinking of a missions’ trip, but it was canceled due to COVID-19, you could consider a trip locally. The Boardwalk Chapel and the Keys Evangelistic Ministry are still very much a possibility.

Did you know the OPC had a ministry in the Florida Keys? Pastor Bill Welzein is very hopeful for a season of evangelizing, “We would love to have groups in. I would say that if anyone eager to come down contacts, we can talk and see where the situation is at the time of the call. (Hard to know what will be happening tomorrow much less in a couple of months!)

The beaches are open here. The road into the Keys is to be open on June 1. Tourism is to begin again. Hotels to 50% capacity after June 1 and gradually increasing.

I will be back preaching in the open air as soon as people begin to arrive at Mallory Square. We keep an ear to the ground. We don't plan to retreat. 'Onward Christian Soldiers!'"

The same enthusiasm can be felt by the team at the chapel. "We're still a GO! It's our 76th year! Training weeks have availabilities as do the regular staff and weekly visitors. Training weeks include Evangelism Training and Practical Evangelism. Pray for safety and for the staff to be able to minister in the ways that the Lord allows the people in Wildwood."

Go to our website to find out how to apply! OPCSTM.org.


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