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Tropical Storm Isaias hit the East Coast of the United States last week. OPC Disaster Response Coordinator, David Nakhla traveled to Maryland where he met with a homeowner left with several inches of rain inside his home as a result of Isaias. David also met with Pastor Edd Cathey, deacons at Grace and Peace OPC in California, Maryland, members of the Presbytery of the Mid-Atlantic as well as with deacon Mark Peter from Grace OPC in Vienna, VA and Jim Flannigan from Covenant OPC in New Bern, NC to assess the damage, triage any immediate needs and make plans for response needs. Assessments will continue to be made over the next week as to the need for OPC Disaster Response help. Stay tuned!

Requests for COVID-19 aid continue to come into OPC Disaster Response. The pandemic is continuing to severely affect African countries. We've received another request from our brothers and sisters in the Africa Evangelical Presbyterian Church (AEPC) in Kenya where they are suffering a severe food shortage. You may remember OPC Disaster Response aid was first sent there back in May and the situation continues to be critical. The AEPC, a sister denomination with whom the OPC has fraternal ties, is situated in a location that has been in coronavirus lockdown since mid-March.

A wind storm known as a "derecho" with near 100 mph winds hit the midwest region earlier this week. News outlets are reporting widespread damage as well as some deaths. We are working with the Presbytery of the Midwest for an assessment of damages. The Presbytery of the Southeast's Disaster Advanced Response Team (D.A.R.T.) stands ready with their equipment to help where needed. 

Flooding in Midland, MI. We are nearly three months into our work at the home of Glenn and Michelle Moots in Midland. Work is progressing, but we have a few needs there. In the next few weeks, we will be needing HVAC installers. If you have any experience installing or helping to install an HVAC system, please let us know! Funding for this effort is still a big concern. If you can donate $50, $100, or more, we can ensure the project goes on! GIVE.OPC.ORG

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