Summers of Blessings at the Boardwalk Chapel


Lucie, from one of our youth groups, has been serving at the Chapel for four years. Each summer she comes back with an excitement to be able to serve alongside her youth group and the Boardwalk Chapel staff. Lucie’s faith is deeply encouraged by the staff and the things that she is able to learn. Through the staff’s testimonies, their passion, and how they faithfully serve all summer long with a zeal for Christ, Lucie leaves the Chapel encouraged to be bold for the sake of the Gospel.

“The Chapel is a piece of heaven,” said Lucie. “I get to come and stay at the beach for a week with people who love the Lord so much. It is a great encouragement for me to be bold and to live out my faith every single day.”

Through training, evangelism, and working with the staff, the Lord grew Lucie in the area of prayer. With a ministry that is so focused on prayer and its importance in evangelism, Lucie learned about the necessity of being in constant prayer. She enjoys prayer groups, being on the prayer team, and listening to the prayers of other people as they long to see the Lord save souls on the Boardwalk.

Being at the Chapel during the summer is what Lucie looks forward to each year. During her week there, she was able to meet some of her best friends, from the youth group and the staff, who encourage her in her faith. She is so grateful for how the Lord used the Chapel to bring her strong Christian friends.

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