Work in Maryland Continues

Sarah Klazinga


The work in Maryland, following Tropical Storm Isaias, continues slowly but surely.

Deacon Bob Steinbach shares, “This week we will be finishing laying the tar paper, to be followed by underlayment installation. Once we have completed the underlayment, we are at all stop until we have a way forward with the electrical distribution and complete whatever changes are required. We need an electrician to evaluate the electrical distribution throughout the house for a possibly smarter way to distribute the load.

We are also having a company evaluate the crawlspace for proper moisture control. Once we have completed the electrical survey and made necessary changes, we will go forward with insulation and drywall installation throughout the house. The next steps depend upon the availability of the electrician to evaluate and do whatever work would be required.

Once again, we were blessed with a great crew of volunteers this past weekend in addition to very pleasant weather. John Gordon (Calvary OPC, Middletown, PA) was with us again all week working tirelessly, doing everything from pressure washing to spreading moisture barriers in the crawl space. He worked long hours and maintained a good sense of humor the whole time.

David Fritz (Grace Presbyterian, Vienna, VA) worked in the house Thursday. The crawl space and wood are drying nicely.

We purchased a dump truck load of topsoil. Pastor Edd Cathey (Grace and Peace, California, MD) and Patrick Juras (Pilgrim OPC, Raleigh, NC) worked to spread it around the house. Patrick and William Cox (Pilgrim OPC, Raleigh, NC) returned Saturday to finish grading, plant seed, spread straw and do a number of odd jobs.”

The Isaias fund currently has just over $7,000, but with an estimated $30,000-$40,000 in needed repairs, we have an overwhelming need for funds.

Can you donate today? Can you volunteer as an electrician, finisher, or handyman? Do you have access to supplies needed at discount prices? There are so many ways that your gifts and abilities can be used to help in disaster response efforts around the denomination.

Go to give.opc.org or contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Gloria Davis at Isaiasvolunteers@opc.org


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