Sharing Yourself With the World


Mike, from Heritage PCA, has been coming with his church to the Boardwalk Chapel for four years! Mike plays bass on stage, performs gospel skits, and evangelizes every night with the staff.

"What I love most about the Chapel is being able to evangelize to people on the boardwalk. At the Chapel, there are so many ways that we, the youth group, can be involved in the nightly programs. Through skits, songs, and boardwalk evangelism, we are able to proclaim the Gospel in so many ways. Your first time is intimidating as you are putting your faith, personal emotions, and experiences out to the world, which a lot of times is thrown right back at you. But you soon learn what a blessing it is that we can share and love our God publicly."

If you would like to find out more about the Boardwalk Chapel ministry, please visit our website:opcstm.org.


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