Opportunities in Quebec 2021

Sarah Klazinga


A Missionary Associate (M.A.) is needed to work with OP Missionary Rev. Ben Westerveld in Quebec City.

The sooner someone can start, the better! Coming this summer/fall would allow for time to work on learning French and help with various ministries during the winter before the rush of organizing summer camps for 2022.

Basic duties:

• Organize the English language outreach programs of St-Marc’s Reformed Church in Quebec City, Canada.

• Serve as Coordinator for English for Kids and English for Teens Bible Camps in the summer (3-4 weeks).

• Follow up with families whose children attend the summer Bible camps.

• Assist Pastor Westerveld in discipleship ministries.

Basic qualifications:

• Professing believer of Reformed conviction

• Ability to communicate in French (you may serve for 1 year or more)

• Open to learn French in Quebec City (you must serve 2 years)

• Desire to serve in a cold climate, meteorological and spiritual

• Great opportunity for young men, ladies or couples

For more information, you can visit our website: opcstm.org/opportunity/ or contact Douglas Clawson


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