Boardwalk Chapel Street Preaching Conference

by Byron Spear, Summer Intern at The Boardwalk Chapel


The first ever Boardwalk Chapel Street Preaching Conference has come to a close. Over 4 days, up to 25 people have been trained in street preaching and evangelism and have gone out onto the boardwalk. People seeking to grow in evangelism traveled from as far as Alabama and Georgia, and from closer to home: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania.

The faithful preaching of the Word did not return void, and the Holy Spirit moved, bringing over 20 people to a profession of faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Rev. Al Baker, the conference director, said that the conference was an overwhelming success, exceeding all expectations.

One of the highlights of the conference was an attendee himself fully realizing the truth of the gospel and being saved in the middle of teaching and training. Please pray for these people who prayed to receive Christ, as well as the hundreds of people who were exposed to a full or partial gospel presentation. God is good!


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