OPC Disaster Response Update

Trish Duggan


OPC Disaster Response has been quiet recently, praise the Lord! Even though there are no active disasters for volunteers of OPC Disaster Response, we continue to work behind the scenes on building our registry and dispersing funds to those in need. Two opportunities in particular have developed. The first came by the way of generous donations toward the recent Kentucky tornadoes. Money designated to helping the tornado victims was sent to OPC Disaster Response. With no OP Church members affected by these tornadoes, we've prayerfully considered working through other reformed denominations to get monetary help to those victims. We are so thankful for the consistent love and care our members show to those in need.

The second came after devastating fires destroyed homes in a development in the greater Denver area on December 30, including the home of an OPC family. OPC Disaster Response is in contact with the local church to assess the needs, has dispersed some initial funds and plans to determine if a special fund should be established for their aid.

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