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OPC Disaster Response Update


by David Nakhla, Administrator for the Committee on Diaconal Ministries

The OPC Committee on Diaconal Ministries rejoices in the generous and rapid response to the Ukraine Crisis Fund, now over $370,000, giving evidence of the concern for OPC missionaries in Ukraine and all those to whom and with whom they minister. As you may know, OPC missionaries, Heero and Anya Hacquebord, serve as part of a Mission To the World (the PCA’s foreign missions committee) team in Ukraine. The MTW team has had a long presence in Ukraine, dating back to the fall of the Iron Curtain in the early 90’s. The Hacquebords continue to be well and find great comfort in the prayers of God’s people.

Immediately following Russia’s recent invasion into Ukraine, the MTW team in Ukraine launched a plan to minister both to those staying in Ukraine and to those fleeing as refugees. MTW opened a fund with the goal of raising $2 million. After one week, that fund had grown to more than $1 million! Seeing both the rate of funds coming in and the growing needs due to the conflict, the team raised the fund’s goal to $4 million. That fund is now at almost $3 million. The Refugee Ministry Subcommittee of the OPC CDM met recently and determined to contribute $70,000 from the Ukraine Crisis Fund to support the MTW team’s efforts.

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OPC Short Term Missions

Boardwalk Chapel Update

Work Weekends! Many hands make light work, and we are asking God to provide many hands! Literally. The Boardwalk Chapel needs volunteers to help their maintenance man, Rich, prepare 3 buildings to hold staff, church groups, and conference attendees all summer long. They are looking for fellow saints to dedicate time to cleaning, putting bunk beds together, fixing odds and ends, and other little tasks to make our homes livable for the staff, no expertise is needed! The arrival date for this volunteer weekend is Friday, May 6, and the departure date is May 8. However, if there is a better weekend for you to help, just contact the Boardwalk Chapel and let them know. Housing will be provided for the group of volunteers, during your off time, you will be able to enjoy the boardwalk, beaches, and activities of Wildwood NJ as well! Finally, you can worship with a fellow OPC congregation at Rev. James Zozzaro’s church Sunday morning. If you're interested, contact the Boardwalk Chapel at: The Boardwalk Chapel Events.

Staff Members Needed! The Chapel is also in need of a gifted bassist, as well as a few more staff members for this summer. If you’re interested or know someone who might be, email The Boardwalk Chapel.


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