Give Thanks in All Circumstances

David Nakhla


We seldom focus on the monetary amount given to OPC Disaster Response. Over the years, we have come to take for granted that each disaster response effort seems to receive more than enough funds to faithfully carry out the necessary response work. However, recently we were astounded to realize that in 2022, total gifts to specific disaster response funds have exceeded $1,000,000! The Ukraine Crisis Fund, opened on February 24th, has received more than $700,000 and the Kentucky (Neon) Flood Fund, opened July 28th, has received almost $350,000. The previous record of disaster response gifts received was in 2017 when the OPC suffered from three hurricanes within three weeks; the total amount given that year was just over $600,000. This year’s giving exceeds that by more than 75%! It really is incredible to know of the love and concern of God’s people toward those in distress.

As difficult as it may be to rejoice always and give thanks in all circumstances—especially in the midst of a disaster—it’s often those difficult circumstances that give rise to matters for which to rejoice and give thanks. So, in this season of thanksgiving, we thank the Lord for you—the donors, volunteers, senders, and “pray-ers”. The work of short-term missions and disaster response is effective through your faithful giving of time, treasure, talent, and prayer. Soli Deo Gloria.


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