Volunteers Needed For Neon Spring Outreach


We need volunteers in Neon, Kentucky starting March 1 for the Spring chapter of the community outreach! Volunteers are needed to build sheds*, clean out houses & yards, and complete a variety of other non-skilled jobs. Mike and Sylvia Kelly are the site coordinators for this effort, and they can use up to 12 people each week for the three months they plan to be there. Come for a day, a few days, a week, or as long as you are able! Find out more on the OPC Disaster Response Website. Email Jane if you have questions or are interested in reserving your week: kentuckyvolunteers@opc.org.

This outreach is an iteration of the response effort that began in the fall of 2022, following historic flooding which devastated the town of Neon and surround region.

*Sheds of Hope

The PCA’s MNA Disaster Response is coming alongside the OPC’s disaster response efforts in Neon, KY, by means of their Sheds of Hope program. Through the Sheds of Hope ministry, we have been able to gift hurting neighbors with a secure, dry, and clean shed built on their property in which they can store the few valuable possessions salvaged from their flooded homes. MNA DR is supplying the pre-fabricated sheds, but we will need your help to construct the sheds and bring words of hope to those who continue to suffer. Anyone with a strong back is equipped for this task and other non-specialized projects as well.


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