February 24, 2024, will mark the two-year anniversary of the 2022 Russian invasion on Ukraine. Mission to the World (PCA) has set aside this day as a day of prayer for Ukraine. Individuals and groups from the PCA, OPC, and other denominations will meet over Zoom to pray.

The PCA’s Mission to the World recently sent out the following invitation to join them in praying for Ukraine:

“Even in the midst of war, Christ continues to equip His church in Ukraine to faithfully persevere, minister and extend the hope of the Gospel to the Ukrainian people. We invite you to join believers around the globe as we mobilize to demonstrate the love of Jesus through 24 hours of praying – in reliance on His power – for His Church in Ukraine.

The 24-hour period of 2/24/24 has been divided into 15-minute increments for which individuals, churches, small groups, Bible study groups, and others can sign up; prayer guides will be emailed to those who register.”

You can sign up for a prayer slot here.


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