OPC Ministerial Internships: Past and Present

Danny E. Olinger

Heeding the apostle’s words in 2 Timothy 2:2, “And the things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also,” the Subcommittee on Ministerial Training of the Committee on Christian Education oversees Orthodox Presbyterian ministerial internships, providing financial assistance and guidance to churches and interns. Since 2004, the Committee has helped to cosponsor 186 summer internships and 136 yearlong internships at 120 Orthodox Presbyterian congregations.

We give thanks to the Lord for the congregations, pastors, and sessions who have committed themselves to the sacrificial service of helping in this critical training and ministry. We also rejoice that the Lord has provided godly men who have served faithfully as interns in preparation for gospel ministry in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.

A total of 101 men who have participated in the program have been ordained and currently serve or have served as OPC pastors, teachers, and evangelists. Among those men are (in alphabetical order) the following:

Andrew Adcock
Ethan Allison
Miller Ansell
Jeremy Baker
Andrew Barshinger
Shane Bennett
Casey Bessette
Timothy Black
Jeremy Boothby
Michael Borg
Stephen Brown
Camden Bucey
Christopher Bush
Robert Canode III
Jeffrey Carter
Christopher Cashen
Christopher Chelpka
Louis Cloete
Matthew Cole
Adrian Crum
Jonathan Cruse
Bryan Dage
Scott Davenport
David DeRienzo
Daniel Doleys
Geoffrey Downey
Alan Dueck
Brent Evans
Timothy Ferguson
Matthew Figura
John Fikkert
Joseph Fowler
James Ganzevoort
Mark Garcia
Kenneth Golden
David Graves
Daniel Halley
Robert Holda
Jonathan Hutchison
Lowell Ivey
Markus Jeromin
Paul Johnson
Jeremy Jones
James Jordan
John Keegan
Jason Kirklin
David Koenig
Darryl Kretschmer
James La Belle
Nicholas Lammé
David Landow
Jeremy Logan
Joshua Lyon
Brett Mahlen
Timothy McClymonds
C. Steven McDaniel
Joshua McKamy
Kevin Medcalf
Andrew Miller
Benjamin Miller
Curtis Moleterno
Jeremiah Montgomery
Ken Montgomery
Andrew Moody
Jody Morris
Charles Muether
Chad Mullinix
Michael Myers
Matthew Patton
Bradley Peppo
Matthew Prather
Roth Reason
David Robbins
M. Justin Rosser
J. Mark Sallade
Jeffrey Scott
John Sharpe
John Shaw
Micah Shin
Jonathan Shishko
Zachary Simmons
Cecil Simpson III
David Smiley
Caleb Smith
Mark Soud
Matthew Stephan
Benjamin Swinburnson
Nathan Tomlinson
Joseph Troutman
Francis VanDelden
Wayne Veenstra
Clarence Veld
Charles Williams
Z. Bulut Yasar

For those OP congregations interested in participating in the 2019 internship program, applications can be found on OPC.org under Christian Education (www.opc.org/cce/intern.html). A mentoring pastor must have five years of pastoral experience in the OPC. The Committee anticipates being able to provide up to $1,200 per month in matching support for summer interns and $1,415 per month in matching support for yearlong interns.

Applications can be sent to the Reverend Danny E. Olinger, Intern Director, 607 N. Easton Road, Building E, Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, 19090 or via email at danny.olinger@opc.org. The application deadline is February 28, 2019.

The author is general secretary for the Committee on Christian Education.


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