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My Grandmother Is Praying for Me

My Grandmother Is Praying for Me

Kathryn March, Pamela Ferriss, Susan Kelton

Reviewed by: Jane Fadden

My Grandmother Is Praying for Me: Daily Prayers, Proverbs, and Activities for Character Development in Grandchildren, by Kathryn March, Pamela Ferriss, and Susan Kelton. P&R, 2022. Paperback, 400 pages, $13.50. Reviewed by OP member Jane Fadden.

My Grandmother Is Praying for Me is a yearlong daily devotional written by three Christian grandmothers for grandmothers (or grandfathers)! Kathryn March, Pamela Ferriss, and Susan Kelton have collectively put together a simple daily devotional based on God’s wisdom in the book of Proverbs. Each month of the year focuses on a particular character trait like faithfulness, humility, or self-control. Each day features a Scripture verse from Proverbs highlighting that trait, a prayer for your grandchild, and then a special activity that you can do with your grandchild. The activities and conversations are meant to reinforce the wisdom and character traits being worked on that month.

I love the concept of this book! It focuses on imparting God’s wisdom to our grandchildren through intentional time spent with them in activity, conversation, discussion, and application of Scripture. I used the book by gathering my grandchildren (ages 4, 5, and 7) around me, reading the verse, praying the suggested prayer, and then doing the activity. They really enjoyed the time spent together and the activities that we did (for example, a treasure hunt on February 23). However, I quickly realized that many of the activities required more time and preparation than I had anticipated (for example: take your grandchild to the grocery store on March 18 and take your grandchild to the zoo on March 19). I think that’s when I put the book on the shelf, so to speak. It wasn’t something I could pick up and do with them spontaneously when we had a chance to be together.

I am planning to give it a second go-round. I will use the Bible verses and prayer in my personal devotions and then invite the grandchildren to join in selected activities with discussion of the themes.



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