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January 17 Today in OPC History

Ringoes, New Jersey


Eighty-four years ago today, the first meeting of what would later be named Calvary Presbyterian Church of Amwell took place at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Stephan Dani in the small farming community of Ringoes, New Jersey. This first meeting took place after faithful members of Larison’s Corner Presbyterian Church made the difficult decision to leave their denomination and their church home to uphold the truths of scripture and their right to call a qualified, godly man as pastor. At that first meeting in January of 1937, 66 persons attended and heard this man - student pastor Bruce Wideman - deliver the Word of God from John 10:27, "My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me.” Within only three months, the young church had joined the new Presbyterian Church of America (now the Orthodox Presbyterian Church) and had begun to meet in the same building still used by the congregation today. Through its 80 years of existence, Calvary has seen many blessings and many challenges as the congregation and the community have changed. Yet by the providence of God, the words included in a short history of the church from 1945 remain true for Calvary Church of Amwell today:

“The church is dedicated to the true proclamation of the Word of God: there is but one God, and one access to Heaven – through faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ who died a substitutionary death on Calvary for sinners. It is for this purpose we were founded and by the grace of God we will continue until the glorious coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Picture: Jesse and Mabel Denton, members of Calvary OPC for over seventy years.



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