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June 10

John R. Hilbelink

On this date in 1986, the Rev. John R. Hilbelink, pastor of Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Amarillo, Texas, and Moderator of the Fifty-second General Assembly constituted the meeting of the Fifty-Third General Assembly with a worship service. Mr. Hilbelink preached from 2 Timothy 2:19, "God's Solid Foundation" and administered the Lord's Supper.

In addition to his pastoral labors at five different OP congregations (Hamill, SD; Sheybogan, WI; Amarillo, TX; Portland, ME; Rockford, IL), Mr. Hilbelink served thirty-three years on the Committee on Home Missions and Church Extension until his retirement in 2018. In thanksgiving to God for Mr. Hilbelink's faithful service, the Eighty-Fifth General Assembly gave Mr. Hilbelink a standing ovation.

Picture: John Hilbelink at the General Assembly in 1997 (top right), 2018 (lower right) and 2007 with Jack Peterson (left) and Chris Wisdom (right).

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