May 25 Today in OPC History

Seventeenth (1950) General Assembly


On May 25, 1950, the Seventeenth General Assembly of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church convened on the campus of Westminster Theological Seminary in Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania. The Rev. Dwight H. Poundstone, the moderator of the previous assembly, preached a sermon entitled, "The Message that We Preach," based on 1 Corinthians 1. Following the reading of the roll call, the election of a new clerk and moderator took multiple elections. For the position of clerk, the Robert Eckardt was nominated, but he asked permission to have his name withdrawn. Arthur Kuschke was then nominated, but he also asked permission to have his name withdrawn. Three new candidates were put forward, Robert Vining, Henry Phillips and LeRoy Oliver. Mr. Vining was then elected as clerk. For the position of moderator, Lawrence Eyres, Leslie Sloat, Calvin Cummings, and Arthur Olson were nominated. In the first three ballots, no nominee received a majority. On the fourth ballot, the assembly elected Mr. Sloat.

Picture: Leslie Sloat



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